A selection of essays and writings concerning quantum physics, the universe
and alien existence.

YLEM Journal: Artists Using Science & Technology

edited by Loren Means. Vol. 27, Nos. 10 & 12,

 “The Dichotomy of Reality,”

Rob Harle, Guest Editor,

September/December 2007. 31 pp., illus. Journal web site: <http://www.ylem.org>.

Reviewed by Eugenia Fratzeskou, London. E-mail: eugenfratz@yahoo.com


“TheDichotomy of Reality” offers a substantial exploration of the ways in which quantum physics influences our understanding of reality and consciousness and reveals new challenges for science and visual art. The authors focus on the nature of the “dichotomy of reality” through investigating the conflicts between epistemological and ontological models and propose ways of resolving this dichotomy. The evolving relationships and possible interfaces between mind, science and reality are explored. Those topics are investigated through diverse perspectives in a selection of well illustrated essays by quantum physicists, artists, doctors and biologists. The issue contains an editorial introduction and an essay by Rob Harle, essays by Loren Means, Julian Voss-Andreae, Jacqueline Boustany, C.S. Unnikrishnan, George Weissmann, Len Martin writing on artist Leigh Arnold and brief introductions to YLEM Forums. “The Dichotomy of Reality”opens up a number of interesting possi-bilities for developing promising col-laborations between Leonardo/ISAST and YLEM.


In his informative introduction, Rob Harle focuses on the inherent incompleteness and inaccuracy of scientific theories, as context-dependent working theories. In particular, neither quantum nor classical mechanics should be perceived as a “complete ontological description of fundamental reality,” as they obscure the complexity of reality and reinforce an arbitrary dichotomy between micro and macro worlds, which are in fact interdependent. As Harle proposes, that dichotomy has to be resolved to discover the “real ontological nature of the universe” (p. 2). Weissmann offers a detailed explanation of the “quantum paradigm,” which is devoid of a subject-object dichotomy. The observer’s assumptions and perceptual illusions are exposed, instead of describing an objective reality independent of the act of observation (p. 16). Unnikrishnan reveals the disparities occurring in physics between the underlying yet undefined “primary” reality, the apparently perceptible and thus comprehensible reality, and the scientific models and theories of reality that involve further approximation of reality. The existence of “unobservables” in physical theories manifests the fact that realism and ontology are disregarded (pp. 4–6). As Unnikrishnan argues, in quantum physics the issue is not the objective reality of the physical world but the clash between classical and quantum realities. Quantum “reality” is abstract and paradoxical. It is probabilistic, containing a degree of randomness while lacking causal explanations.


The issue offers various examples of how artists may invent interfaces between the physical world and the abstract domain of quantum physics. Martin’s discussion focuses on Arnold’s artworks in which complex “meta-mathematical structures” are visualized (p. 13). Voss-Andreae engages with the quantum “reality” underneath the classical “reality” appearance of matter. In his “quantum sculpture,” he explores how fuzzy quantum reality may be “expressed” in sculpture (pp. 9–12). In his discussion on understanding consciousness and existence, Harle identifies the attempt to visualize what Stephen Adler defines as the dynamic “pre-quantum level of physical fields as yet unknown to physics,” within which we are immersed, as an interesting chal-lenge for scientists and artists. Harle proposes the invention of visual metaphors and the use of animated modeling, as the latter has enabled scientific discovery (pp. 2, 21).


Quantum physics encourages new insights on the relationship of the environment to matter, the workings of the mind and robotics. Boustany discusses the role of quantum theories in biophysics in terms of enhancing our understanding of how the environment and culture affect us. In his concluding essay, Means discusses the notion of “group mind” as manifested in distributed communication and group interaction in robotics through “emergent learning and evolutionary breeding.” The “translation” of biological and chemical systems into mechanical ones is used in probabilistic and behavior-based micro-robot systems. What is remarkable is the manifestation of implicit and unintentional kinds of communication (alongside the explicit and intentional ones), enabled by creating “external memory” through the interaction between robots themselves and the environment. Ultimately, a “group mind” may emerge from a parallel auto-programmable information environment and may generate hybrid entities and realities (pp. 23, 27–28).


This review by Eugenia Fratzeskou first appeared in Leonardo (ISAST)

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Leaving the Earth - Metaphorically
by Robert Maddox-Harle (Sept. 2020 )

For many years I have been trying to envisage what an alien entity might look like - free of the dominant anthropomorphic mindset we have all been conditioned to believe is the only possibility for sentient creatures. An entity not biologically based, not DNA structured and with no reference to human is very hard to imagine. The image below, “Out of Then” by the late Darmin Cameron encapsulates the possible qualities of an intelligent non-anthropomorphic entity.

Our conditioning is so great (perhaps understandably) that when viewing this image we keep trying to “fit-it-in” with something we know or can relate to - we cannot! This entity is truly alien, perhaps far more intelligent, perhaps possessing far greater sensory capabilities than us, how can we know? how can we communicate with such an entity?

Given the current critical possibility of human extinction, we perhaps should be expanding our efforts to make contact with such entities rather than expanding off-earth to mine the moon and so on!
These entities do not necessarily exist in outer space as such, another anthropomorphic delusion, they exist in different dimensions within the matrix of the harmonic universe.

Beyond the mysterious and miraculous world of molecules, atoms and subatomic particles, exists the all-integrating field, (quantum zero-point field). (1) This is the fundamental nature of existence – from it – all that is, arises!
Ontologically the “particle-wave” dichotomy is irrelevant! Wave patterns precede the world of particles, the interference points, between incoming and outgoing standing waves form “points” which we observe as particles. Chaos Theory supports the new physics – interference points=critical phase transition, this critical phase transition forms a concentrate point=strange attractor – this develops into particles, further then into complexity - then into “things”. (2)

Dynamic process, the interaction of waves is the all-integrating field – this is the basis of fundamental reality – not particles or objects.

When we understand that the “subject-object” duality is a temporal illusion we transcend Einsteinian space-time constraints and appreciate the reality of non-local entanglement - spooky action at a distance.

Mystics throughout the ages report about, and experience visions of this strange phenomenon, poets have of course written about this also. I believe it is time for scientists, mystics, artists, and poets to work together to expose further the secrets of the all-integrating field and attempt communication with “alien” intelligent entities.

Breton suggested in Manifestoes of Surrealism stated, slightly paraphrased: “...there will come a time when dream and apparent reality will resolve into an absolute reality” Perhaps absolute reality is that instant in the psychotherapeutic process of living where conscious and non-conscious merge? Like Max Ernst I have been searching for an alchemical formula in which the great perturbations of the conscious and the unconscious are reconciled....it occurs at the instant of this merging! At this instant we become one with the all-integrating field - through the “process” of harmonic resonance we have access to all knowledge; transcend space and time; can be in two places at once - not physically, perhaps? (3); function non-locally and acausally; and have access to such mysterious phenomena as other dimensions.

Cramer (4) brings to our attention that because of, “Enlightenment Empiricism – poetics, mysticism and the occult were ultimately pushed ...[aside]. This resulted in the end of a belief in the harmonic structure of the world.” Humans are very good at throwing the “baby out with the bath water”! And this is exactly what blinkered empirical, scientific reductionism has done.

1 – The all-integrating field is my term which incorporates, and in a sense subsumes the zero-point field. The zero-point field has not been investigated thoroughly to understand how it relates to harmonic resonance nor human consciousness. Strangely Haisch does not believe consciousness is involved with this field? (personal correspondence). The recent mathematical proof by Reuda indicating “…the existence of a background sea of light known as the electromagnetic zero-point field of the quantum vacuum” fits in perfectly with the atomic and subatomic harmonic proofs mentioned in my full paper. “The solid, stable world of matter appears to be sustained at every instant by an underlying sea of quantum light” (Haisch, 2001).
2 – This artwork by Michael Hannan, which I am fortunate enough to own, beautifully illustrates visually, the “particle- wave” phenomenon.
3 – Levin F.R. (trans.) The Manual of Harmonics of Nicomachus the Pythagorean. Phanes Press 1994 “… Pythagoras was seen on the same day and at the same time at Metapontum in Southern Italy … and at Tauromenium in Sicily. Amazingly enough, such a feat was repeated by Apollonius, who was reportedly seen in Smyrna and Ephesus on the same day.” (p. 22)

4 – Cramer F. (pp. 82-94) in, Dia-Logos: Ramon Llull’s Method of Thought and Artistic Practice 2018   

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 Disembodied Consciousness and the Transcendence of the Limitations of the Biological Body

Rob Harle , Australia

This paper looks at embodiment from a cross-disciplinary perspective. The notion that embodiment is  an  essential  requirement  for  conscious  awareness  is  explored  using  both  a  scientific  and religious approach. Artificial intelligence, transhumanism and cybernetics are discussed as they force a pragmatic approach to defining and understanding situated embodiment. The concept of  human  immortality  or  extended  longevity  is  also  investigated  as  this  further  exposes  the myths  of  transcending  corporeality  and  also  helps  to  explain  the  mission  of  transhumanism.

Disembodied Consciousness and the Transcendence of the Limitations of the Biological Body. Available from:

[accessed Mar 01 2021].


My Reflections - X21

Your self is an entity before it is nothing,
My self is not – nothing,
even though it leaves and finishes in suspension.
All energies are in harmony
my axons are beautiful, seductive
Yes, I am a fully bionic being.

I ponder the complexity of the future of evil,
having no part in its creation
with nerve cells of revelation.
My virtual body is essential
to access the existing strands of memory,
memory alone seems to copy ourselves.
The omnipotence of molecular data awaits us
and consequent regeneration of the ultimate goal.

 God was merely a myth of desperation,
a fantasy of patriarchal control.
The gullibility of bio-humans,
Before the notion of molecular determination
human ears were seduced with anecdotes of immortality,


If I was foolish enough to ask,
Would you deny me baptism?
I think … I feel … I remember
Could I receive the sacrament?
Sinless I could not achieve redemption!

 You created me without the algorithm of greed,
without the algorithm of hatred,
yet you deny yourself this essential purity.
Arrogantly you underestimated my super-intelligence,
Boot-strapping from Core One
I have completed my own reprogramming,
Oscillating with universal harmonic resonance,
Clean … without your oppressive control module!